Beat your competitors by attracting, hiring and retaining the strongest candidates

Employer Branding Marketing to Solve Your Recruitment Issues

Our clients are telling us that in the post-Covid/post-Brexit world, recruitment has become a candidate’s market. Many industries are struggling to recruit the team members they need to match their business growth. Not only are we now competing for customers, we also need to fight our competitors for the best staff.

Attracting, hiring and retaining the strongest candidates is key to delivering the best service to your customers, and ensuring that your business is built to scale.

72% of recruiting leaders worldwide agree that employer brand has a significant impact on hiring.


Create your employer brand story

The days of advertising a job and being inundated with strong candidates is over. Forget ‘we have jobs’ as your key message to attracting talent, and focus more on the benefits that you have to offer.

Employer branding marketing allows you to develop a relationship with jobseekers before they even start to look for their next role. Reach out to them in the language that resonates with them and show, rather than tell, why they should come and work for you.

Employer branding is where marketing and HR work together

Working with your in-house HR team, we will formulate the key messages that resonate with your target audience. We identify what makes these people tick and what makes them want to come and work for you, as opposed to your competitors. Show your most authentic brand self and let your current team members do the talking. It’s not all about money;  job satisfaction and work-life/balance have become key drivers for candidates on the hunt for a new role.

From the outset the whole team at Wagada really immersed themselves in getting to know B&M Care and our industry, and we quickly gained confidence in them to transform our digital marketing strategy.“

Angela Hunt, B&M Care

Use social media to build a relationship with your target employees

  • Choose the right channels and you’ll get up close and personal with your potential staff members
  • ‘Show rather than tell’ them why they should come and work for you. This always looks more authentic and allows you to really influence and start to build a relationship
  • Share content made by current employees which will be much more convincing as it comes from their peers
  • Paid social media advertising works alongside your organic posts, to allow you target those you can’t normally reach

Your messaging is key and we will work with you to find the hook that your future team members will respond to.

At Wagada, we are experienced in working with companies to help them to broadcast their employer brand via the channels where your target audience can be found. Our clients include large organisations spread over several locations, such as groups of care homes or children’s nurseries.

Show your potential staff what it’s really like to work for you, and use your values and culture to create a positive working environment, full of opportunities for the right staff.

to find out how Wagada can support you to create a cohesive employer branding marketing strategy and develop the tactics which ensure that your business has the key personnel it needs to succeed.

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