Generate leads, not just clicks, and maximise conversion rates with highly targeted Google Ads campaigns

Google Ads Services

Paid search is one of the most efficient drivers of online traffic to your website.

A highly targeted Google Ads campaign focusses your marketing efforts on customers who are actively searching for what you’re offering. This is your opportunity to make sure that you are getting your products or services directly in front of potential customers.

Using Google Ads to its full potential means you can improve your brand’s online presence and visibility, whilst generating quality leads and bringing your business a strong return on investment in line with your strategic goals.

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If you’ve been running ads for a while and feel like results have plateaued, consider getting a review of your Ad campaigns to identify missed opportunities.

Akber Khan, Google Ads Specialist

Increase brand awareness and generate quality leads

Paid search puts your brand name and website in front of more potential customers. Even for those people who don’t click, the ad placement boosts brand awareness and may secure a sale later on.

Google Ads allow you to reach new customers as well as target those familiar with your brand, through the use of remarketing campaigns. What’s more, with paid search you can be sure that the leads coming to your website are highly relevant.

Maximise conversion rates

We work with you to generate leads, not just clicks. A strong landing page experience increases conversion rates, whether it involves a form submission, a checkout purchase or an enquiry call.

Deliver a strong ROI

Our streamlined solutions bring you results that not only achieve your objectives, but exceed them, bringing your business a strong return on investment.

The importance of measurable results

We take a data-led approach when it comes to Google Ads. This allows us measure what’s working and what isn’t so that we can make iterative improvements to your campaigns.

We report back to you on a monthly basis and we are fully transparent about the results and the cost of each lead so that you can assess the real ROI.

Our guide to digital strategy for marketing managers

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Our 90-day plan

Our team of Google Ads experts at Wagada deliver our Google Ads campaigns over an initial 3-month period, which allows us to:

Month 1

Raise awareness of your product or service offering and collect valuable data

Month 2

Take into account our learnings from month 1, retargeting those who have previously shown an interest and refining our keywords and audiences

Month 3

Create a focused campaign that can generates leads

Find out more about our 90-day plan:

Working with Wagada

Wagada works in partnership with you, taking the time to understand your strategic business goals and creating Google Ads campaigns that achieve the results you need.

Our team of specialists carry out extensive keyword research to identify the phrases and queries that your customers are searching for to find your products or services.

We then create engaging, highly targeted ads to capture the attention of your target audience.

Our targeted landing pages are designed to meet the needs of your customers and boost conversions.

We take an integrated approach to your brand’s online presence and can also work with you to align both your paid search and organic SEO efforts.

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