Your brand story, told your way

Digital PR to build your reputation and gain exposure in industry-leading online publications

A story can change your audience’s perception of your brand. An authentic brand story told through Digital PR drives a connection with your customers, raises your brand visibility and develops trust.

Communicate your values and your successes to build brand rapport with your target audience, drive traffic to your website and increase sales.

Become a thought leader in your industry

You want your customers to see your business as the thought leader in your industry, laying the tracks for other businesses to follow. Digital PR allows you to do just that by making sure that you are seen in all the right places, with the right message.

Invest in Digital PR to define, promote and grow awareness of your business through the media. Being seen in the right places influences your audience and allows you to control your reputation and brand messaging. The partnerships you form will drive online conversations, encouraging people to interact with your brand.

Our guide to digital strategy for marketing managers

Are you worried that you could be missing out on opportunities from your digital marketing? If you’re an experienced marketer, you already have strong foundations to build an effective digital strategy and this guide will help you to do just that.

Get your brand known amongst key media

Grabbing the attention of the press is much like capturing the attention of your customers. It requires connection, a nurtured relationship and a mutual respect.

Good Digital PR provides that key link between your business and your customer, ensuring your news is heard. Our team focusses on cultivating relationships with key journalists, honing attention grabbing, headline-worthy content, and developing inside knowledge of each publication to perfect outreach methods. By tapping into that expertise, your campaigns engage and cut through the noise, and are more likely to generate high quality coverage and increased visibility for your business.

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Integrating Digital PR into your SEO strategy

Ranking on Google can transform a business – your customers want to find your products and services; getting found on search engines does just that. Google wants to rank the highest quality websites and those that have the widest sphere of influence. Digital PR mentions, and links to your website, tell Google that your business is newsworthy, and therefore deserving of a place on page 1.

Wagada’s strategic approach to digital marketing

Our team of storytellers cleverly craft this information into engaging, expert and thought-provoking campaign content, tapping into our media contacts to make sure your news is shown direct to your target audience.

We make sure your Digital PR joins up with other activities to support your overall business objectives, driving brand awareness, website traffic and increased sales.

Our data-driven approach means we’re constantly learning, and that we know how your audience consumes their news, so that we can make iterative improvements to further increase success.

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