Smarter social media advertising campaigns to engage and target your audience

Lead generation through social media advertising

What if you could show your marketing ads only to those people who you know are interested? With social media advertising you can do just that.

Drill down to your target audience and ensure that your product and service gets in front of the right people.

Advertising to a warm audience is so much more successful – target those people who have already visited your website.

Keep them on the journey and build a relationship – people might not buy right away, so keep them engaged until they do.

A cost-effective solution to drive traffic to your website and develop relationships with potential customers

Social media advertising is the most cost-effective form of advertising available today.

With a strategic approach, social media advertising captures the attention of your audience using the channels where they are already engaged. Appealing to their interests in a space they know and trust, you can effortlessly direct them through to your website and start feeding your sales funnel.

Social media makes targeted advertising possible. Each platform – Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, TikTok, LinkedIn – has a completely different demographic of users who respond to unique messaging, tone and visuals. By implementing the right tactics on each, you increase the likelihood for lead generation.

A data-led approach to filling your sales funnel

Paid social media platforms are designed specifically to put your brand in front of those people who are interested. By deep diving into audience insights, you can build a pool of the individuals most likely to take the desired action on your ad – whether that be clicks, contacts or conversions.

You can also categorise customers based on their number of touchpoints with your business. Using custom audience creation, you can develop focussed remarketing campaigns to give audiences on the point of purchase that extra push, and previous customers a reason to return. The way in which you design your ad – messaging, tone and visuals – is key to appealing to their mindset and successfully moving them along the sales funnel.

Following a strategic approach to ensure ROI

There’s so much more to social media advertising than just boosting a post – our paid media marketing team adopts a strategic approach to your campaign. Always led by the data, we can A/B test all elements of your advertising, testing and refining to hone the perfect plan that your audience responds to.

Our social strategies take into account your other marketing activities, to ensure that they are working in partnership to deliver results.

James, Emily and Safaa sitting and talking

Must-have skills of a successful Social Media Manager

Getting traction and engagement in the noisy world of social media is hard – you have to be strategic and organised, creative and analytical. You need to know your audience inside out, and the content that resonates with them.

Wagada’s bespoke approach to social advertising campaigns

Our social media advertising services:

  • Social media advertising audits
  • Social media ads management
  • Social media advertising training

Our paid social experts take the time to understand your brand and your target audience. We analyse your current website traffic, engagement rates and customer profiles to provide you with a social media advertising strategy that delivers on your business objectives.

We act as an extension of your team, adopting your brand’s tone of voice and visual assets to introduce new audiences to your brand and move current customers along the sales process.

Our paid social plan is designed to integrate into your other marketing activities, with cross-channel campaigns feeding one another and benefiting from their achievements. We build on the informational content on your organic social media channels to resonate with your established audience, with the additional aim of driving click throughs.
Our team are data driven. We consistently analyse results through the advertising platform, and wider Google Analytics channels, to understand the impact of our work. This enables us to do more of what works and implement the best tactics to deliver ROI in a timely manner.

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