Build lasting and authentic relationships with your target audience

Using Social Media Marketing to Communicate with Customers and Take Them on a Journey with Your Brand

Social media marketing provides a golden opportunity for your business to talk directly to your existing customers, interact with new audiences and humanise your brand. It enables you to establish an engaged and devoted group of followers who will actively promote your brand, whilst also supporting visibility and search ranking online.

Social is also one of the most progressive marketing channels available, with new platforms, features and updates constantly being released. Understanding the most appropriate platforms to use, the best tactics to implement and the key messages to share, is pertinent to standing out in your industry.

Grow your audience through authentic, engaging and human interactions

Buying from a brand is no longer a simple transactional process. Customers desire interaction, rapport and intimacy before they reach the ultimate decision to purchase.

A social media management service offers your business this opportunity. It helps you to connect and establish a bond with customers, offering that ‘behind the scenes access’ that makes customers feel part of your journey.

Each social media platform captures the attention of a different audience. The key to creating lasting relationships lies within the intricacies of each channel. It’s not simply a case of replicating the same message across multiple platforms and expecting to see immediate results. Successful relationship building comes through a targeted, strategic and invested approach.

Turn customers into brand ambassadors

The best social media agencies build campaigns to pique interest and encourage brand interaction over a period of time. They show personality, listen to audience feedback and engage in two-way conversations. They turn a cold audience into brand ambassadors who actively promote your brand.

According to Market Force, 81% of people are influenced by what their friends share on social media. The more trusting connections you can establish, the easier it becomes to grow your audience.

Drive desire and start leading customers down the sales funnel

As one of the touch points in your sales funnel, social media marketing helps to ensure that your sales messages are not hitting your target audience cold. By the time they see your ad, or reach your sales page on your website, they already know your story and their desire to purchase is strong.

Take advantage of the ever-growing ecommerce functionalities and showcase your products and services through an online social shop window.

Build an organic social channel which complements your social media advertising strategy

Social media advertising and organic social media management go hand in hand.

When a customer engages with your ad, they often follow up with further research of your business before continuing on their purchasing journey. By putting forward an engaging, stand-out and professional organic feed, you establish that necessary feeling of trust. And thus, you increase the likelihood that they will act on your ad’s call to action.

Wagada’s strategic and data driven approach to social media marketing

Social media marketing isn’t as simple as posting a few sentences and images each day. A strong social campaign is backed up by data – we can’t improve what we don’t measure. All of our campaigns are backed by a strategy, with clear KPIs, measured on a monthly basis to identify what is working, and what isn’t.

These insights, coupled with our industry knowledge, enable us to deliver a content strategy which utilises the most engaging aspects of each platform, and connects you with the right audience.

Our social media agency experts provide the tools to ‘Go Live’ and connect with customers in real time. We set up shopping experiences to turn relationships into ecommerce opportunities. And our engaging imagery, industry leading content and key hashtags cut through the noise and get your brand noticed.

Whether you’re starting from zero or already have thousands of followers, being ‘always on’ is key to account growth. We’ll take on the daily management of your channels, engaging with customers, sharing timely updates and increasing the following of your account. We’ll build that key audience of engaged customers and support them down the sales funnel to meet your business and revenue goals.

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Must-have skills of a successful social media manager

Getting traction and engagement in the noisy world of social media is hard – you have to be strategic and organised, creative and analytical. You need to know your audience inside out, and the content that resonates with them. With the right skills, social media can transform your business – find out the skills to look for in your next hire. 

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