Driving Creativity in Innovation Culture

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22 March, 2023

Gloucestershire Business Show

About this event

Innovation is a crucial, structural, part of business. Unless we innovate, we move backwards.

How do we build creative thinking into our culture and process of innovation? Can Creative thinking be taught? As a business owner, how do you drive new ideas in the first place, evaluate them and then build them into successful business development?

Collaborative, disruptive, open innovation are all great ways forward, but how do we get there in a sustainable way? And how do we motivate our staff team to think outside the box?

Our very own Daniel Jenkins will be on the panel looks at driving creative thinking in our business innovation.

Daniel Jenkins Head of Client Services

Your Trainer: Daniel Jenkins

An expert SEO specialist and marketing strategist for B2B and B2C brands, Daniel holds a Distinction in Professional Marketing from the Chartered Institute of Marketing and has strong experience of both digital and traditional marketing methods.

Passionate about integrated communications and multi-platform advertising campaigns, Daniel approaches all marketing activity with a holistic approach, considering the full marketing mix when building strategic plans designed to increase clients’ visibility, engagement and return on investment.