How to Achieve Sales from your Website

Event Details

1 December, 2022

Stanta Business Center

In this 2-hour session we will look at how to make your website work harder for you. We will identify which activities are the most fruitful, and will bring the most benefit. We investigate some simple tips to help you get ranking as well as engage and convert your target customers.

About this event

Are you frustrated by the lack of sales on your website? You’ve invested in a great website, and written great content, yet it’s not generating the sales that you would like.

As a small business owner, your website is often your biggest investment, in money but also in time. You need it to get found on Google, tell the story of your business, develop trust and convert customers.

The course consists of:

  • How to structure your content for ranking, but also to match the intent of searchers.
  • Blogging – how to decide what to write, how often and how to present it.
  • Creating landing pages that attract traffic and drive conversions.
  • How to increase the authority of your website and boost your referral traffic.
  • Driving conversions with clear calls to action and strong messaging.
  • What trust signals to use on your website to give potential customers the confidence to get in touch.
Wagada employee Ursula Somers

Your Trainer: Ursula Somers

Ursula joined Wagada as a Digital Marketing Assistant after graduating from the University of Kent with a First in Politics and completing a marketing apprenticeship. She loves working collaboratively and in a fast-moving environment so was excited to experience agency life.

Since joining the Wagada team, Ursula has been developing skills and knowledge of SEO, Social Media and blog writing. She has enjoyed transferring skills from her degree to conduct thorough research and draft engaging content for exciting client projects.

Our keywords are very competitive and we previously ranked nowhere for them. This is a huge achievement from Wagada to get us to the top for this search. They’ve also helped us to open up an additional revenue stream which is bringing in interesting work for our portfolio and has helped us financially during a difficult period. Keep up the good work.

Phil Allen, Entertainment Effects