Online Masterclass – How to Futureproof Your Data Analysis with Event and Report Creation in GA4

Event Details

15 September, 2022

9:30 am - 11:30 am


As part of a series of events in the run-up to Google’s migration from Universal Analytics to GA4, we are excited to offer a two-hour masterclass, with comprehensive insight on how to ensure you are set up for the change.

About this event:

This masterclass consists of:

  • Key differences between GA4 and GAU
  • Historic Data and the use of BigQuery
  • Setup and configuration of GA4 through Google Tag Manager (GTM)
  • Differences of using GTM with GA4 and Universal Analytics
  • Configuring events using the GA4 interface VS using Google Tag Manager
  • Configuring events through GTM, including key sales and marketing KPIs such as email, phone and common form submissions
  • Configuring events through the interface and how these are used to track conversions
  • Turning on enhanced measurement events
  • Setting up cross-domain tracking
  • Setting up UTM tracking
  • Reporting and funnel views

Your Trainers

Daniel Jenkins

Daniel Jenkins, ACIM

An expert strategist for B2B and B2C brands, Daniel holds a Distinction in Professional Marketing from the Chartered Institute of Marketing and has strong experience of both digital and traditional marketing methods.

Passionate about integrated communications and multi-platform advertising campaigns, Daniel approaches all marketing activity with a holistic approach, considering the full marketing mix when building strategic plans designed to increase clients’ visibility, engagement and return on investment.

Emily Redman, Junior Account Manager

With both in-house and agency experience, Emily has been using GA4 from its infancy to report on SEO, referral and paid traffic performance. 

Emily has seen the platform grow since its early development, and has been following its changes closely. She has expertise in collecting data to inform marketing strategies and building customised GA4 reports.

Currently completing an MSc in Digital Marketing and Data Analytics, Emily is passionate about using data to deliver success for her clients. 

Ursula Somers, Digital Marketer

Ursula is responsible for migrating our clients to GA4. This involves initial set up, configuring the different events available through Google Tag Manager, as well as tracking a range of metrics on the new platform. 

With an indepth understanding of Google Tag Manager, Ursula has expertise in measuring the performance of websites that align with business objectives. 

Ursula is passionate about collecting and measuring the right data in GA4 to inform and measure analysis of campaigns, user activity and reporting.

I really enjoyed the presentation that Dan gave. It was both interesting and informative and was delivered in a style that invited questions. I would certainly recommend Dan as the ‘go to’ person.

Colin Lock