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Engaging websites that attract users and generate leads

We all know that first impressions count. When visitors reach a website it can take less than a second for them to form an opinion on your brand, impacting their decision to stay and engage with your offering, or leave and shop around.

That’s why now, more than ever, it’s important that your business has a website you are proud of and that highlights the best of what you have to offer to potential customers. 

Our team of in-house  developers know this and work with you to understand your goals, creating a site that grabs attention from the outset and provides a seamless, engaging user experience to maximise conversion potential.

Our Website Development Services

WordPress Development

The world’s most well-known CMS, with over 43% of websites built in the platform, WordPress is often the obvious choice for businesses who want beautifully designed sites with the flexibility and capabilities to scale with them.

Our developers can use templates or custom build, depending on your design and user preferences, and we’ll always make sure you are comfortable with the back-end set-up for easy editing after we launch.

Mobile Optimisation

Everyone knows that the majority of website traffic, for most businesses, will be via mobile devices but it is still often a secondary consideration when thinking about designing, maintaining or editing a site.

When developing sites we’ll assess your current traffic to ascertain whether we design and build with a mobile or desktop first approach, and optimise for excellent user experience on both.

If your current site lacks mobile optimisation or needs refinement, we can help there too!


Making sure your site is accessible to your audience is paramount when developing or changing a site.

Things like colour contrasting in design and the ability for your content to be described by screen readers will help a visually impaired audience, adding larger tap targets or simpler navigation may help those with mobility concerns or including captions on videos make it easier for those with hearing difficulties to consume your content.

Of course, in an ideal world, your site would be accessible to everyone but, in reality, that can be tricky, time consuming and expensive. We implement basic best practices as standard and our developers have all undergone training in WCAG standards and work with you to understand the specific needs of your target audience to find the most effective way of optimising for accessibility.

HubSpot Development

The HubSpot CMS is a favourite with businesses who value ease of use paired with customisable design and functionality.

As part of the excellent HubSpot platform it allows seamless integration with marketing and sales for growing companies.

As HubSpot partners, our specialist HubSpot developers leverage the array of built in features combined with custom development to create beautifully simple, functional sites. After launch the modular (drag-and-drop) builds allow for page creation with predefined options meaning that marketing teams can edit and adjust while maintaining that all important brand consistency.

Custom Built Functionality

Whatever CMS you choose, there will likely be something you want on your site that isn’t “out-of-the-box”.

Member log-ins and private areas, elevated designs and animations, integrations with your other systems, complex booking or applications systems, multi-faceted search functions are just some examples of where custom built functionality will be needed to make your site work for you.

Our experienced team of coders make adding and maintaining these functions simple and built for purpose.

User Experience

With in-house specialists covering each aspect of customer journeys through the website, we will always optimise user experience when building new websites.

However, improving your user journey online doesn’t always require a new website. You might decide to develop your current site without the time and investment of rebuilding.

We’ll assess where you can optimise layouts, calls to action and signposting, making recommendations before implementing and monitoring changes for you.

Wagada team sitting on a couch

Not just a web development agency

Wagada Digital is a full service marketing agency meaning that SEO, content and long-term success of the sites are as important as the design and build itself.

Your pages, navigation, user journey and content will all be informed by research and advise conducted by our in house specialists. We build sites using the most up-to-date SEO best practices and can work with you to create content, launch campaigns and an ongoing strategy for success.

CAE Technology’s remarkable marketing turnaround with impressive traffic surge and conversion boost


increase in impressions in Google search year over year, climbing from 108K to 178K

Facing challenges such as stagnant growth and intense competition, CAE Technology recognised their need of a well-designed and user-friendly website.

Discover how we turned their website into a powerful lead generation tool, attracting and converting a higher number of potential customers.

Pixotope’s lead generation exceeded expectations by 3x


Our Approach

Every site is different and every business has a unique set of requirements. We understand this and want to make your experience with us collaborative and enjoyable so we work very flexibly within your budgets, timelines and needs. However, with every development we ensure an efficient and effective service by following a proven staged approach.

Strategy & Planning

The world’s most known CMS, with over 43% of websites built in the platform, WordPress is the obvious choice for businesses, large or small, who want beautifully designed sites with the flexibility and capabilities to scale with the business. Our developers can use templates or custom build, depending on your design and user preferences and we’ll always make sure you are comfortable with the back-end set-up for easy editing after we launch. 

Design & Concepting

We’ll provide three homepage concepts for you to choose from before developing one fully for both desktop and mobile. We look at the best colour palettes, layouts, visual elements and call to action messaging to resonate with your audience and elevate your brand. You’ll get plenty of input at this stage to make sure you love how your site is going to look, before we start to build it out.

Pre Launch

Before we push your new site, all of our sites will go through an SEO pre-launch audit by our SEO specialists. This ensures that all fundamental SEO elements and any redirects are in place as well as relevant tracking and analytics, ensuring a seamless go-live process and optimising for success from the point of launch.

Post Launch & Aftercare

Our projects don’t end when the site goes live. As well as a thorough post-launch SEO process, we’ll also make sure your internal team have the training they need to manage the site going forward (if they need to) and if you require ongoing support or maintenance for the site, we’ll tailor a monthly package to suit your requirements.

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