TikTok tips: 5 steps to a successful Tiktok marketing strategy

13 June 2022

With new users joining every second, viral video-sharing app TikTok could be a valuable addition to your social media strategy. Want to connect with your audience by advertising on TikTok? Try these TikTok marketing tips and tricks. 

1. Engage TikTok audiences with your story

With only seconds to get your viewers hooked, it’s important that your TikTok marketing tells a compelling story right from the start. One tip is to start your video with a question, then spend the rest of that video answering it. This engages the user immediately and keeps them watching to learn the answer. You don’t want your user to scroll past, so do everything you can to make your story exciting, funny, sad or even shocking.

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2. Go for the optimal TikTok video length

Length is extremely important when creating a TikTok. You don’t want your video to be so long that the user gives up and scrolls past (research indicates that videos over 1 minute long seem to drag, and have even been termed ‘stressful’!) On the other hand, your TikTok marketing content needs to be long enough to get your point across. Aim for an optimal video length of 21 to 34 seconds from beginning to end. 

3. Build up a following first

TikTok is all about engaging the user. So if you’re new to TikTok we advise engaging with users first, to show your value as a brand. Once you have gained a following you can then start to promote your brand through high-quality content. Advertising on TikTok should not be blatant; this is a platform where users are looking for genuine content that they can connect with, whether that’s by laughing, learning something new or feeling sad.

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4. Use trending TikTok hashtags and songs

Your TikTok marketing strategy should aim to keep your brand relevant and up-to-date. Trending TikTok hashtags and songs are  an easy win; you can take advantage of existing movements to tap into what everyone’s talking about right now. Find the latest trending hashtags by going to the ‘discover’ page on the app, pick the ones that apply to your video, and use them in your video caption. As TikTok’s algorithm is focused on the popularity of videos, trending hashtags and songs should help you to get more eyes on your content.

5. Connect through TikTok comments

TikTok comments are a great way to connect with your audience. Avid TikTok-ers often post a comment on their latest video to spark conversation among users and encourage them to engage with the brand and one another.

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Contact us for help with your social media strategy

For many brands, TikTok really is the social channel to be on; whether you want to go viral or simply increase your audience, it’s a platform that more and more brands are using effectively to improve engagement. 

Need some advice on your TikTok marketing? Our social media specialists can help. If you’re interested in creating a social media strategy or would like to chat about what we can do for you, please contact us.

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