Top 10 tips to prepare for a digital marketing interview

15 March 2022

Preparing to interview for your dream digital role? Interview etiquette is everything! Here are our top digital marketing interview tips.

1. Do your research!

What’s that old saying, fail to prepare and prepare to fail? One of the biggest interview mistakes is not knowing enough about the company you are interviewing for. An interview is an opportunity to show you are the best person for the role, and how can you know if you are the right fit if you haven’t done your research?

Have a good read of the company website, noting down any areas you find particularly interesting, and anything you might want to ask questions about (more on that later). Check out their social media to see anything exciting they have been up to recently. Have a look to see if there are any recent news stories about them.

Make sure to drop in these little gems of knowledge throughout your interview, so your (hopefully) soon-to-be employers know you’ve taken the time to really get to know them.

2. Set the right tone

When researching the company you are going to interview with, pay close attention to the kind of organisation they are. Workplace culture can vary greatly between companies and you want to approach your interview aware of the style they may expect.

Imagine you skipped the research and arrived for your interview at a very traditional-style office in your favourite rainbow dungarees because you have been used to a more vibrant, relaxed workplace – you may be the best candidate for the role but that first impression is going to set off alarm bells that you don’t understand the company you are hoping to work for.

3. Applying for an agency – get to know their clients

When applying for a role within a digital marketing agency, getting to know who their clients are will give you an idea of what will be expected of you. The portfolio of the agency not only gives you an insight into the kind of company they are but will also help you work out where you see yourself fitting in best.

Being able to demonstrate your knowledge of their client base and how your experience matches is a great way to show interviewers how you would integrate with their team. Our agency appreciates applicants taking the time to understand the culture of our company as a supportive workplace that encourages staff to grow and develop in their digital careers.

4. Applying In-house – get to know products and services

Just as getting to know the clients of an agency helps you understand more about the role, getting to know products and services for an in-house job will help you to see where you might best carve out your niche in that company. If you can identify your strengths and relevant experience, it’s much easier to convince interviewers that you could become a great asset to their team.

5. Sort out your social media

Remember that while you are busy doing your research, the company will be busy doing their research on you! A glowing CV which shows off the perfect skill set and experience for a role can very quickly be overshadowed by those questionable Instagram pics of you at the weekend.

Decide which aspects of social media you want to be public, and make sure they are showing you in the best light. Professional profiles such as LinkedIn need to be kept up to date to help build up an idea of who you are in a professional context.

Double and triple check the privacy settings on any of your personal social media pages to make sure it is just your friends who can see what you got up to on Saturday night!

Phone screen showing Social media icons

6. Use your professional profiles to connect

Once you are sure those personal social media pages are hidden, focus on making the most of your professional pages. Research the company you are interviewing with on LinkedIn and connect with them over shared professional interests. If you have your own website or blog, make sure they are linked so prospective employers can easily get an idea of your work and style.

7. Have a website or blog? Write something with the employer in mind

Use your own platform as a way to show your potential and to create a great first impression before you even meet.

If you’re new to the digital marketing industry, write something that shows your personality and highlights your transferable skills so an employer can see your potential.

8. Check out common interview questions and answers

It may seem obvious but even a quick Google of common interview questions and answers can be a significant help in interview preparation. Get to know what kind of questions could be asked in a digital marketing job interview to help you prepare your responses. It is also useful to research common interview answers, as you can find handy tips on what employers like to hear, as well as what not to say. Hint: “I don’t know” is not a great response!

9. Ask questions

Don’t forget to write down some questions that you want to ask. Every interview ends with the classic line, “Do you have anything to ask us?” Many people make the mistake of politely declining, when really the interviewers want you to ask any questions you have. Asking questions is a great way to open up a dialogue to show employers anything important you didn’t have the opportunity to explore during the interview.

10. Send an email after the interview

This is one thing many people neglect to do, or maybe don’t even think about. An email thanking the interviewer for their time and consideration is an important aspect of interview etiquette. So don’t forget!

Now you have these interview preparation tips at your fingertips, you are ready to dazzle your way to your dream digital job. Check out Wagada careers for our current vacancies.