Top 5 marketing campaigns of 2018

21 December 2018

With 2018 quickly coming to an end and with the New Year just around the corner, it’s time to reflect on the past twelve months in the advertising and marketing industry, and take a look at 2018’s most successful campaigns. So here they are, in no particular order, Wagada’s Top 5 marketing campaigns of 2018:

1. Nike – ‘Epic React’

Nike’s launch of their new shoes, Nike Epic React, was coupled with the release of a modern and exciting video using the idea of a virtual video game. This video really takes its viewers on a journey, as they get to experience the latest trainers with their cushioning technology through the use of an avatar of themselves. We can’t wait to see what Nike brings us in 2019!

2. Spotify – ‘Spotify wrapped’

Spotify’s 2018 Goals campaign used anonymous data analysis from its users to produce amusing billboards. The comedic and personable nature of these billboards, plus the use of famous faces in their marketing, were a huge success for Spotify.

This campaign is particularly successful due to the inclusiveness of its consumers. It definitely got a big thumbs up from us!

3. Amazon – Superbowl advert

We’re including Amazon’s Alexa Superbowl advert because honestly, what’s not to love!

YouTube’s most viewed ad of 2018 features a story of Amazon’s voice assistant, Alexa, losing her voice and being replaced by a comedic yet unqualified line up of celebrities from a variety of fields, including Gordon Ramsey and Rebel Wilson.

This advert is witty, memorable and sure to get a laugh out of you… it certainly got a laugh out of us!

4. Stabilo Boss – ‘Highlight the remarkable’

In this clever campaign, each ad highlights a black-and-white photograph with a yellow streak and in doing so, quite literally ‘highlights’ a remarkable woman and shares her achievements.

Increasing a company’s social media presence really shows the success of a campaign, and with over 10 million impressions on Twitter within just a few days of the campaign being released, it’s safe to say that it was a success. Congrats Stabilo Boss!

5. Sainsburys Christmas advert – ‘The big night’

And finally, of course no Christmas is complete without a Christmas advert! After leading the way for the past few years, unfortunately John Lewis’ advert didn’t quite live up to expectations this year, however Sainsburys swept in and saved the day, bringing us The Big Night. Featuring the 90s classic, You Get What You Give, this ad really is heart-warming and memorable. Well done Sainsburys on the perfect advert for spreading Christmas joy!

Whilst all of these marketing campaigns are very different, they all have one thing in common – creativity! Being aware of the target audience plus an imaginative and interesting campaign that creates an immersive experience for the viewer helps to engage with customers and promote a brand.

If you are planning a marketing campaign and would like some expert advice then contact the Wagada HQ team. In the meantime, we’d like to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!