Top tips for developing content ideas for your blog

9 December 2019

A blog is a key feature of a business’s website and a brilliant way to showcase valuable information that your users will want to read and share.

Blogging is also great from a search engine optimisation (SEO) perspective because it helps with a variety of factors that are important for how your website ranks in search engines, such as Google. Some of these benefits include:

  • Provides the chance to produce up to date content for your website
  • A creative way of incorporating keywords and long tail keyword phrases
  • Provides opportunities for internal linking to the key pages on your website
  • Increases the chances of you gaining external links to your website
  • Gives users the ability to share your content, driving more traffic
  • Informs users about new concepts, making them want to visit your website again and again

Whilst producing regular blog content packed full of fresh content and targeting long tail keywords has its advantages, from time-to-time you may find it challenging to come up with new content. Follow our guidance on the best ways to develop innovative content ideas for your blog.

Research blog titles and keywords

Researching is the best place to start in the development of new content. Carrying out research will help you to come up with relevant blog titles and ideas that customers will genuinely want to read.

If you wish to take your research even further, research keywords to target in your blog titles and within your content.

Here are some tools that we recommend using:

Using tools such as these can aid your understanding of how users search online and the keywords that they use. You can then create blog titles based on these keywords.

Research popular blog content

Don’t let your research stop there! Use popular content shared by your niche as inspiration for your blog titles. Gain an understanding of the sort of topics that are being shared and use these ideas to base new content on.

Top tip: Don’t copy your competitors! You want your content to be unique, innovative and to bring something new to the table.

Seasonal events

Take advantage of seasonal events. From Halloween, Easter and Valentine’s Day to Christmas and the New Year, use occasions such as these to base your content around. Not only will these events aid your content production all year round, they’re also particularly appealing and relevant to readers. To use seasonal occasions to their full advantage, make sure you’re posting these blog posts with plenty of time prior to the event actually occurring.

Top trends

Keep up to date with the latest trends and news, particularly with fresh information that is related to your industry, and use this to form the basis of a blog. Much like seasonal events, this content is relevant to readers, but make sure you’re posting it at the right time.

Brainstorm with colleagues

Stuck for ideas? Get together with your colleagues and get brainstorming. You’ll be pleasantly surprised how many creative ideas you can come up with when you work together; brainstorming is a favourite of ours here at Wagada HQ!

Brainstorming session with a group of people

Guest blogging

A guest blog is created when your business approaches someone else to produce an article for you to then publish on your site. It’s best to target those who operate in the same sector as you or who you share an interest with in order for the content to be suitable for your website.

This is a great way to obtain new content, and you can even write a guest blog for them in return. Take a look at our article on guest blogging for more information.

Interview a person of interest

Is there someone in your industry that you take a real interest in or who inspires you? Why not interview them. Then, create a blog surrounding what was discussed during this interview. This will really help to grab the attention of your readers.

Interview your colleagues too and write up a Q&A style blog. Not only will this help to humanise your posts, it’ll also let your readers discover the personalities behind your brand.

Create ultimate guides

Write up an ultimate guide for something significant in your industry. Share your knowledge and tips with readers and they’re sure to be thankful. Think outside the box and be creative!

If you’re an e-commerce, why not create an ultimate guide to buying the perfect pair of shoes, and if you’re a travel agent, why not write an ultimate guide to packing for travelling Asia.

Blog content calendar

After you’ve got some solid ideas together using our top tips, we recommend creating a blog content calendar or schedule and adding your creative blog ideas to this. Planning blog titles in advance can be extremely beneficial if you have a busy month and don’t have the time to research fresh ideas and a calendar is also a great way to ensure that seasonal themed blogs are scheduled for the correct times throughout the year.

Remember to promote your blogs on social media to lure in additional readers and attract further website traffic.

Looking for a helping hand?

If you need a hand coming up with innovative blog ideas, or even writing your blog content, we’re here to help. Take a look at our content marketing services or get in touch with one of our content specialists here at Wagada today.