We’re Finalists for Best Small SEO Agency and Best Small Integrated Agency at the UK Search Awards 2023!

3 November 2023

We’re delighted to announce Wagada Digital has been shortlisted as finalists for not one, but two awards at the upcoming 2023 UK Search Awards! These nominations are a testament to our commitment to excellence in the world of digital marketing, highlighting the outstanding work we deliver as a team.

Our Story

A people-first business, we prioritise fostering strong relationships with clients, team members and the community. We take pride in nurturing a vibrant culture that empowers our team members to flourish, both in their professional and personal capacities, enabling us to deliver the highest level of service to our valued clients.

As we step into the future, things are really shining bright for Wagada Digital! Our talented team is hard at work behind the scenes brainstorming how best to introduce AI to support our everyday work and we’re confident we have the tools it takes to adapt and thrive. We’re committed to creating a positive work environment where every member of our team can be themselves and we’re on the lookout for like minded individuals to help shape our agency’s future.

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A Double Triumph: Our UK Search Awards Nominations

Wagada Digital’s team lies at the heart of everything we do. Thanks to the team’s collective dedication and unwavering commitment, we’re excited to have been named finalists for two categories at the prestigious UK Search Awards:

  • Best Small SEO Agency: This category recognises the excellence of small agencies, exceeding their client’s expectations and demonstrating a market-leading understanding of implementing SEO practices.
  • Best Small Integrated Agency: This award celebrates agencies that have excelled in integrating various digital marketing channels effectively to achieve outstanding results for their clients. 
Dee Overfield

“I am thrilled to see the exceptional digital marketing team here at Wagada Digital nominated for these awards. It’s a privilege to oversee and work in an environment where unparalleled dedication, creativity and innovation is applied to every one of our digital campaigns, leading us to being finalists today. The team’s broad range of expertise and collective contributions to exceeding customer expectations makes us who we are and I’m very proud to be a part of it”

Dee Overfield, Head of Digital

Big Wins and Happy Customers  

We eat, sleep and breathe our clients’ businesses to make sure we truly understand the solution they bring to the market and what makes their target audience go “Wow!”. Applying our digital marketing expertise, we specialise in turning a vision into reality, seamlessly aligning marketing with end goals. But don’t just take our word for it, let’s dive into one of our success stories from our portfolio:

Creative Video Productions (CVP) – Professional Video Equipment Solutions

Our client came to us with a need to raise online visibility and revenue. With a focus on SEO and paid social media advertising, we developed a strategy and worked with CVP stakeholders, implementing a multi-channel approach to increase online revenue. 

What we did:

  • Marketing strategy created to support SEO across key products and solutions
  • Sitewide SEO audit and fixes 
  • On-page optimisation 
  • Implementation and support across paid social media advertising, in particular Facebook and Instagram


  • 15% increase in traffic year on year
  • 25% increase in conversion rate year on year
  • 35% increase in revenue year on year 

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What These Nominations Mean To Us 

We’re over the moon to have received these two nominations and the recognition behind them. Guided by our values: human, passionate, flexible and honest, every last one of us contributes to Wagada Digital’s unwavering dedication to digital marketing excellence and we’re thrilled this has led us to where we are today.

Cheryl Luzet CEO of Wagada Digital

“We’re really proud and excited to be finalists in the 2023 UK Search awards for the Best Small SEO Agency and the Best Small Integrated Agency. These awards are testament to the hard work that the team puts in to support our positive culture and the fantastic relationships that we have built with our clients. Our team of experts are passionate about the results that our work generates and are constantly striving to learn new skills and deepen their expertise. We look forward to celebrating with all the other finalists on the night”

Cheryl Luzet, CEO

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