Using Google Virtual Tours to help promote your business

2 February 2016

At Wagada we are really excited about the potential of Google Virtual Tours. Now your customer doesn’t have to leave the comfort of their armchair to visit your shop or take a look around your café – they can do it all online! This is an immensely powerful tool and we predict that it will become an increasingly popular way for businesses to show off what they can offer to their online customers.

How Google Tours works

A professional photographer creates a 360 video tour of your business which you can then place on your Google Local listing and your website for your customers to play and watch. They allow your website users to view the area that you have filmed and take a virtual walk around your premises or location. Alternatively you could give them a backroom tour of your kitchens or stockroom, or guide them around the unique features of your shop or café.

How Google Tours can benefit your business

Google Virtual Tours is a great way to improve your SEO for a number of reasons. Firstly they make your website really appealing to your customers. We’ve had great feedback from site users about these online tours as they find them really engaging, and it is fascinating to be able to not just read about a business but to actually see it. The tours can really bring your business to life!

As they are so effective in capturing your customer’s attention, a positive result of this is that they will stay longer on your site which can reduce any problems you may have with bounce rate. And once they have looked around your business they are more likely to stay and look around your website too. They are also a great tool to promote your business on social media which will help to increase your online presence and your social shares too! This can generate lots of online excitement around your service or product and we know that Google likes to see that businesses are relevant and getting mentioned online.

Finally the tours can give customers real confidence in your business, as they can check it out fully before taking a decision to buy or visit. For example, a potential visitor to a restaurant might like to see how clean the kitchens are for themselves or check out if the space works well for a party or celebration. Likewise, a visitor to a shop may enjoy looking at all the products shown to their best effect on the shop shelves rather than just seeing an online product list or uninspiring  static photos.

Case study – how Google Tours helped our client

We believe that Google Virtual Tours is a fantastic new tool for online businesses, so we worked with one client to help set up a virtual tour on his site. He’s a locksmith and so we thought it would be a great idea to show customers around his van where he keeps all the tools of the trade. He’s already had really positive feedback about his video and it’s certainly got people talking about his company and interacting with his website. Why not take a look at his tour and have a think about what Google Virtual Tours could do for your business!

Contact us to find out more about how Google Virtual Tours can help your business.