Wagada Digital got Gin and Jazzy…

16 November 2022

Our finest St Albans SEO experts put on their Wagada aprons, collected their mixers and gathered their bottles of Wagada Towers gin, ready to sell at the St Albans October Gin and Jazz Festival. We were raising money to support OLLIE Foundation – a suicide prevention charity, which is something that our team care passionately about. 

The Team:

  • Cheryl Luzet – the Gin Connoisseur
  • Nick Silverstone – Wagada’s own Mental Health First Aider 
  • Jim Lewis – Head of George Street Sales 
  • Jules Bunting – Head of Gin Operations 
  • Sophie Skilton – Gin Bar Manager
  • James Grisley – Head of Ice & Cups 
  • Charlotte Stephen – Head of Singles 
  • Emily Walker – Head of Doubles
  • Daria Isanska – Head of Slimline 

The Mixer:

The team arrived, audited the bar area and implemented the ultimate Gin & Tonic sales strategy. We understood that there were multiple touchpoints at this festival, so we sent out Cheryl and Jules to assess the audience personas, then deployed Jim to engage and persuade. 

In the meantime, James, Charlotte, Emily and Daria optimised the perfect workflow, producing Gin & Tonics in bulk across the bar. 

Cup > Gin > Lemon > Tonic > Ice > Serve

Nick and Sophie then converted our warm leads into happy customers until we ran out of both tonic and lemon slices. 

The Real Tipple:

At the end of the evening, The Wagada Team had sold:

  • 130 Single G&Ts
  • 84 Double G&Ts
  • 8 bottles of Wagada Towers Gin

The total donation amount going to the OLLIE Foundation came to a whopping £1,000.00. We hope that this donation will help the OLLIE Foundation to continue doing their fantastic work.

wagada team at gin and jazz festival

Working together to raise money for The Ollie Foundation 

The OLLIE Foundation, based in St Albans, is dedicated to delivering suicide awareness, intervention and prevention training by empowering professionals and young adults in their own communities to lead suiciding prevention activities. The Wagada team offers OLLIE practical digital marketing support every month. From SEO advice, to help writing blogs, input into their social media, we believe this has been important to help get the message out about the services and training that OLLIE provides. This ensures The OLLIE Foundation reaches more businesses to raise funds, and gives young people and their families, the support and advice they might need.

If you would like to donate to this important foundation, please donate through our JustGiving page.

About the Wagada Gin 

For those who are unfamiliar with the new Wagada Towers Gin, it was launched in 2022. Using the unique junipers and botanicals found next to the River Ver, next to our St Albans office, we’ve created an exquisite beverage that showcases our company values: passionate, flexible, honest and human. 

Made to help keep our team and our clients in high spirits, this one-of-a-kind gin has been a roaring success since it launched.