Wagada Digital marketing agency partners with HubSpot to offer an enhanced, integrated digital marketing solution

29 September 2020

At Wagada we are always striving to find new ways to support our clients and bring more innovation and efficiency to the way that we work.

Our latest venture of becoming a HubSpot partner is an example of this, demonstrating yet another step in the right direction as we continue delivering on this promise.

HubSpot is an all-inclusive, inbound marketing software platform. It enables businesses to run successful campaigns, executing, managing and measuring all marketing activities from one localised place.

Hubspot Certified Partner

As a 360-marketing agency, specialising across a range of digital activities – from SEO and PPC, to social media and content creation – the benefits of working with such an integrated platform are unrivalled.

Going forward, we’ll be able to streamline our digital marketing activities into one place, making our working practices more efficient, better integrated and more effective. Building on our current work, the channels we will be taking advantage of having access to, include:

  • HubSpot’s range of services to further optimise our campaigns for lead generation, tracking and conversion. We’ll have a thorough overview of how visitors arrive on a site and which channels they are using, as well as how they are interacting with website content and how quickly they might be bouncing.
  • HubSpot’s social media, social listening and content scheduling tools, ensuring we are ‘always on’ for our clients, responding to the world of social in an even more timely manner.
  • HubSpot’s keyword tracking tools to help us further improve site rankings and implement greater SEO website optimisation techniques.
  • HubSpot’s website editing mechanisms, enabling us to make even quicker and easier changes to web pages, often without the need to work with web developers or external stakeholders.
  • HubSpot’s CRM system to further simplify communication channels and understand more about how site visitors are interacting with content.
  • And many more…

In response to the partnership, Cheryl Luzet, CEO, Wagada Digital Marketing, explains, “Becoming a HubSpot partner is the next step in our mission to delivering even greater value to our clients. Using the platform, we’ll be able to track conversions and traffic, create marketing funnels, target customers and identify successes all from one place. And all with the ultimate aim of generating more leads for our clients and increasing their return on investment. The highly data driven nature of the platform offers the perfect opportunity for us to drill right down to the exact strategies we need to implement in order to focus on lead generation. It’s the perfect partnership to bring even greater success to our clients and we can’t wait to see the results.”

Keen to understand more? We can offer our HubSpot expertise to new customers as well as helping existing customers benefit from our service channels. Get in touch for more information!