What are the key job roles in digital marketing?

23 March 2022

Digital marketing is a thriving industry that is constantly growing and adapting to keep up with the demands of modern marketing. As marketing moves further away from traditional methods towards digital, there has never been a better time to consider a career in digital marketing. Let us take you through the key digital roles.

Digital marketing strategist

Do you love digital marketing and the entire digital marketing mix? If you’ve got that unique mix of tech savvy skills with a creative mind and the ability to think outside the box, strategy could be for you.

Digital marketing strategists need the creative spark for innovation alongside a solid technical understanding of the digital landscape. If you’re the kind of person who sees a trend coming before anyone else and knows how to translate that into successful outcomes for clients, strategy is a great path to explore.

Marketer undertaking competitor analysis

A digital marketing strategist is a role that requires not only a holistic understanding of all aspects of digital marketing but also strong communication skills. A strategist doesn’t just need the ability to plan and design a marketing strategy for a brand, but they need to be able to communicate effectively with key stakeholders and digital teams. Strategy involves the perfect mix of technical skill and imagination to plan, create, and deliver solid results.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) specialists

Search engine marketing (SEM) encompasses both paid and non-paid methods of utilising search engines in digital marketing campaigns. A career in search engine marketing requires a specific skill set that relates to your SEM specialism, for example SEO content writing or Google Ads.

Search engines are always updating their algorithms and ‘moving the goalposts’ for digital marketers. Search engine marketing is a field that requires dedication to constantly follow updates and trends. If you are committed to learning and continued professional development, a career in SEM could be for you. Digital marketing agencies such as Wagada, can offer staff unique career development opportunities and support them as they grow into their chosen specialism.

The two main specialisms within SEM are Organic SEO and PPC.

Organic Search Engine Optimisation (Organic SEO)

The term organic is used to describe non-paid metrics as opposed to paid media, such as Facebook ads or Google Ads. SEO specialists adopt tactics designed to increase visibility, traffic, engagement and conversions from search engines such as Google and Bing.

Scrabble tiles spelling out SEO

Organic SEO is where good copywriters also shine by developing engaging, natural content that improved brand visibility and drives traffic. If you have a talent for writing and are dedicated to learning the technical side of creating effective SEO content, then this could be your perfect digital role.

Pay Per Click (PPC)

Pay Per Click, is exactly what it sounds like; every time someone clicks one of your ads the advertisers pay a fee. This method is a more direct and targeted way to generate website visits.

PPC and the specialisms within this channel of marketing, such as Google Ads specialists, require technical expertise. PPC specialist roles also require an understanding of how to effectively target advertising to the right audience for each unique client.

Content marketing manager / specialist

A content specialist’s role is to be responsible for all marketing content. This is a role for someone who has a broad knowledge of all digital media platforms and how to use them to maximise marketing campaigns.

Content management involves collaborating with strategists to deliver successful marketing outcomes for clients. Content managers and specialists oversee all aspects of digital content from research and analysis, to planning and creating content, as well as evaluating the results.

If creating content is your passion and you are looking for an opportunity to develop and progress in this sector of digital marketing, content management may be your next step.

Social media marketing specialist

As more and more brands continue to invest heavily in their online presence, businesses are taking to social media as a primary communication platform to reach both current and potential customers. Even now, this area of digital marketing continues to expand and develop at a fast pace. With around 53 million social media users in the UK alone, social media activity can make or break a brand, so it needs to be carefully curated and effectively managed.

Phone screen showing Social media icons

A social media specialist understands the significant role social media plays in modern marketing and creates and publishes content across all social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, TikTok and Twitter. Understanding how to build an audience and drive traffic to a client is central to this role.

Social media management is more than just posting a few pics on Insta. These roles involve analysing data and trends as well as creating current and engaging social media content for clients.

Digital public relations (PR) specialist

PR and marketing have traditionally been two very different sectors, but over recent years these roles have begun to merge. Digital public relations specialists are responsible for building a positive public image of a company. Since brands now build much of their image through digital media, PR has a key role to play in the digital space.

Social media and online publications are where companies generate their audience. Understanding how influencers and bloggers can shift public opinion and promote brands is a relatively new but vital aspect of PR.

Working in digital PR requires a broad knowledge of digital marketing channels and platforms. A foundation of classic PR strategies and how they translate into digital is also key.

This is a role that suits someone who understands the power of the digital space and how it can work for, and against, a client. From online reputation management to link-building and outreach, no two days are the same, and creativity is key. There are so many more possibilities now for PR in digital than ever before. If PR is where your passion lies, digital PR is where your career can reach its full potential.

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