What is a T-shaped marketer?

1 July 2024

The growth and potential of digital marketing continues to evolve every day. With the introduction of powerful AI tools and new digital tactics, there are huge opportunities with so much to learn. These advancements not only enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of marketing strategies, but they also open new avenues for creativity and innovation.

To leverage the full breadth of digital marketing for our clients at Wagada Digital, we are T-shaped marketers, tackling tricky challenges and embracing new opportunities.

What is the definition of a T-shaped marketer? 

A T-shaped marketer has a broad understanding of various marketing disciplines (the horizontal bar of the “T”) and deep expertise in one or two specific areas (the vertical bar). This combination allows them to be versatile and adaptable, while also being an expert in certain fields.

The horizontal bar: breadth of knowledge

The horizontal bar of the T shows a wide range of skills and knowledge areas. A T-shaped marketer has a good grasp of multiple marketing channels and tactics, including (but not limited to):

  • Content Marketing: Crafting engaging content that attracts and retains customers.
  • SEO: Optimising content to rank higher in search engine results.
  • Social Media Marketing: Leveraging social platforms to engage with audiences.
  • Digital PR: Gaining brand exposure for national and local online publications.
  • PPC (Pay-Per-Click) Advertising: Running paid campaigns on platforms like Google Ads.
  • Analytics: Using data to inform and improve marketing strategies.

A broad skill set allows T-shaped marketers to understand the bigger picture and how different marketing activities interconnect. Having this wide knowledge base also means that every day in a digital agency is different!

The vertical bar: depth of expertise

This is where you hone your niche. The vertical bar of the T signifies deep expertise in one or two specific digital marketing areas. This could be anything from SEO to social media marketing. 

At Wagada Digital, everyone is given the opportunity to find their digital speciality. From Account Managers to Digital Marketing Execs – the T-shaped marketer approach allows you to try everything within the digital marketing sphere to understand what really makes you tick. 

Why are t-shaped marketers valuable? 

Flexibility and adaptability

T-shaped marketers can switch between different tasks and projects with ease. Their broad knowledge allows them to adapt to various roles and responsibilities within a marketing team. This also keeps things fun and interesting. (No two days are the same!)

Holistic approach

With a comprehensive understanding of multiple disciplines, T-shaped marketers can create more cohesive and integrated marketing strategies. They see how each element fits together and can align efforts to achieve a business’s goals. 

Collaboration and communication

T-shaped marketers are excellent collaborators. They can communicate effectively with specialists in different areas, ensuring everyone is on the same page and strategies are aligned.

Innovation and creativity

Having a diverse skill set fosters creativity. At Wagada Digital, our team can draw upon our wide range of knowledge to come up with innovative solutions to our client’s challenges. 

Strategic thinking

T-shaped marketers usually excel in strategic roles. Their ability to see the big picture and understand various components makes them ideal for planning and executing comprehensive marketing strategies.

Developing into a T-shaped marketer takes continuous learning and development. At Wagada Digital, we’ll work with you to find out where your skills lie, and support your learning with in-house training, external training from industry experts and conference tickets. 

Ready to become a t-shaped marketer? 

We believe that the best marketers are T-shaped. We’re looking for individuals with a growth mindset, willing to work hard and play hard, in exchange for a rewarding agency experience in a warm and welcoming team environment. Browse our careers to find out more.