What is my LinkedIn score?

7 June 2021

Looking to find out more about LinkedIn SSI score? You’ve come to the right place.

LinkedIn SSI (Social Selling Index) is an extremely useful but underrated tool found on LinkedIn. This tool shows you how successfully you represent your professional brand, find the right people, build relationships and engage with insights.

For people who are new to LinkedIn or those who haven’t touched their LinkedIn account for months, don’t worry. This guide provides a breakdown of everything you need to know about your LinkedIn SSI score and how you can impact it.

The 4 scores

There are four components of LinkedIn SSI:

  1. Your professional brand
  2. Finding the right people
  3. Building relationships
  4. Engaging with insights

Each of these components have a maximum of 25 points each. Getting a high score on all of these gives you a “Social Leader” status on LinkedIn.

However, the main reason people spend a lot of time working on their SSI is that if done correctly you will see career opportunities and sales regularly coming through.

Building relationships

The standard rule of business in the world is you buy from people that you know and trust, through referrals, reviews and recommendations. LinkedIn is no different; you want to build solid networks and bolster the connections you currently have.

This means when someone goes to add you, they see similar connections from well-respected or high-level people within your industry. However, adding everyone and anyone will help but it won’t get you the best score possible.

Business man looking at LinkedIn score via tablet

To get a great score, you need to engage and connect with decision makers in your market and sector. Furthermore, joining groups that you are connected to or simply interested in is another great way to get these connections whilst also increasing your engagement.

Representing your professional brand

To get all 25 points you need a complete profile. This includes making sure that your experience, headline, profile picture and profile summary are all filled in.

Another way to get more points is to obtain endorsements from your connections. Not only that, interacting with your network’s posts and content will get you extra points too.  

Finding the right people

As mentioned earlier, adding loads of people is good but you need to identify better connections to get the best score.

LinkedIn massively encourages people to use their Sales Navigator tool. In this tool you should: do advanced searches, use the lead builder tool and save all of your leads. However, there are a few things you need to be aware of when adding connections.

Make sure to view the profile prior to sending the connection request (this shows LinkedIn you are looking for the best connections and not just adding anyone for the sake of it). Another good tip to follow is to connect with anyone who views your profile; these people are a good potential connection to make and ignoring this could potentially send the wrong signal.

Engaging with insights

You’ll want to make sure to do the basics when it comes to engaging with insights. Responding timely to connections and InMails, making sure anything that goes out seems personal, following relevant hashtags and engaging with any groups that you join are great ways to do this.

You now have all the information you need on how to get your LinkedIn SSI points and to really grow your brand. Log into your LinkedIn to find out your current SSI score today and see how much you can improve in a month.