What it’s like having Wagada as your SEO partner

28 April 2022

We often shout about our client successes here at Wagada – how our SEO expertise has led to a dramatic rise in search traffic, or how a marketing strategy has achieved an increase in customer enquiries. But that’s only half the story. It goes without saying that we’re a data-driven agency and we’re motivated by results. But we also strive to make the whole experience of working in partnership with Wagada to be one that’s satisfying and fulfilling for everyone involved. 

So what’s it actually like to work with Wagada as an SEO agency? Here’s what you can expect from us as SEO partners. 

A flexible approach

We treat all of our clients as the individual businesses they are. That means that there’s no one-size-fits-all approach: instead of working to a fixed template, we do whatever we need to do to achieve results – and that really depends on your particular situation and priorities. 

All our work is bespoke and tailored to you, and we routinely work with our clients to test approaches, refine the process and work out what needs to be done. 

Of course, the SEO and digital marketing industry never stands still and Google is also making constant changes to the algorithm – so the exact approach we take as SEO partners will also be informed by the latest developments in the world of search engine optimisation. 

Wagada boardroom, we offer a flexible approach

Scoping and strategy

When we first begin working with you as a client, there’s a lot that we don’t yet know. And as you are the experts in your field, we rely on your knowledge and business strategy to gain a solid understanding of your brand, and inform our way forward. We’ll take a collaborative approach to ascertain exactly what you need, and develop a strategy that outlines how we’ll achieve it. This may consist of:

  • Initial keyword research, plus keyword research for long-tail keywords for your website’s blog or insights section
  • A technical audit of the website for SEO, technical fixes and the SEO technical refinements required to migrate the new website (such as 301 redirects and correct placements of sitemaps)
  • An SEO strategy with the tactics required for success, perhaps focussing on local SEO to target those in the locations you are looking to target or national SEO if a wider reach is needed

Website optimisation services

If increasing visibility is a key objective, improving your ranking on Google will be a priority, and much of our work will revolve around optimising your website. Our website optimisation tactics are likely to include:

  • Identifying content opportunities for your website
  • If relevant, creating content that allows us to focus on local rankings and optimisation for geographic regions and ‘near me’ searches
  • Constantly making quality improvements to the website and its content, clearing up thin content and improving old blogs
  • Planning and writing of lead magnets/ebooks to improve engagement on the website
  • Regular blog writing for the website
  • Refinements and advice on conversion rate optimisation to improve task completion and to make the website more user-friendly
  • Support with adding additional sections to the website to boost ranking, for example FAQs and how-tos
  • Making recommendations to boost ranking, for example how you can make the best use of optimised imagery or video
Typing content on laptop

Off-page optimisation, authority building and online PR

It’s not just the content on your own website that will influence your search results, it’s also important to build up a respectable online presence and reputation on other sites. One of our roles as an SEO partner here at Wagada is to identify how this can be done. 

Tactics may include:

  • Trust building through online reviews; we can offer support on how to get more reviews and which platforms to focus on
  • Authority building: identifying opportunities to get links from other websites, outreach to these opportunities and writing the content required
  • Identifying online PR opportunities to build the brand and gain links
  • Managing your Google Business Profile, ensuring that it is up to date and is being harnessed for success – for example, by adding content and events

Ongoing monitoring

We’re strong believers in following the data, which means that much of our time is dedicated to regular testing and monitoring. This gives us the insights we need to refine our work and generate long-term results for your business. It can involve:

  • Assessment and tweaking of how the website appears in search results
  • Ongoing technical monitoring of the website, highlighting issues as soon as they occur, such as site speed and duplicate pages and ensuring that pages are being indexed
  • Ongoing keyword research to keep the website fresh and ensure that we are still targeting the best keywords
  • Tracking and monitoring of keyword performance and planning out action required for drops in ranking, as well as assessing success and taking learning across the whole website
  • Monitoring keyword mapping to avoid cannibalisation (where 2 pages are optimised for the same keyword)
  • Ongoing optimisation of content on the website, enriching content to improve performance and ensuring it is targeting the correct intent
  • Monitoring for traffic drops
  • Monitoring competitor activity
  • Interpreting data to generate insights
  • Assessing bounce rate and exit pages, and making tweaks for improvement
  • Identifying the questions that people are asking and ensuring that we are answering them
  • Tracking of leads on the website to assess success
  • Seeking out opportunities and quick wins for success, using Google Analytics to identify keywords on page 2 that can be moved up

Reporting and recommendations

For us here at Wagada, being your SEO partners means that transparency really is important to us. So we keep in regular contact with you, the client, keeping you updated on the progress we’re making, and recommending future actions to ensure ongoing success. When you hire our SEO company you can expect:

  • Monthly reporting using Google Data Studio, allowing you to have up-to-date reports at all times
  • Quarterly review meetings for a higher level overview
Google Analytics report open on iPad

Get in touch

These are just some of the services we offer as an SEO partner – there are many more! You might like to discover more about our approach and read more about all the digital services we offer. Interested in partnering with our expert team of digital marketers? Contact us today.