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How to Get Marketing and Sales Working Together to Generate More Leads!

Date: Wednesday 13th October

Time: 09:30-11:30

Location: Zoom

In a world where most markets and sectors are fighting for business, you want to get cohesion between your Marketing and Sales divisions to help each function with everything that they do. In this workshop, we will show you how to get consistency and reliability when partnering the two to generate new and solid leads without spending a fortune.

Join us for a two-hour workshop where we’ll show you industry-leading examples and unique tips and guidance on how to generate more consistent leads. This course is perfect for Marketing or Communication Managers, Sales Managers, and business owners who want to improve sales and ROI.

In this course you will:

• Understand the difference between how Marketing and Sales generate leads

• See how industry-leading companies easily marry the two divisions

• Recognise how to align Marketing and Sales together and the key benefits for your business

•  Learn how to create KPI’s that support both divisions

• Develop a better well-rounded buyer persona

• Get insight into CRM systems to aid with marketing and sales alignment